Friday, August 29, 2014

Bible Study notes in Isaiah- Chapter 47

Isaiah 47


-Isaiah’s lament over the corrupt kingdom of Babylon can be summed up with the tenth verse of this chapter, “You felt secure in your wickedness and said, ‘No one sees me,’ your wisdom and your knowledge, they deluded you; for you have said in your heart, ‘I am, and there is no one besides me.’” Babylon did not realize that the LORD, the God and Holy One of Israel, was always in ultimate control. He used them to bring judgment on the wickedness and depravity of His people, but they became conceited in this conquering state with the pride of self-reliance. Babylon showed no mercy on their captives, in contrast to what the Medes and Persians would latter do. Babylon falsely thought they would be “a queen forever (Isaiah 47:7).” They did not consider the righteous things of God in their conquest with a heavy yoke, nor did they remember the consequences of their brutality and ruthlessness. Therefore, God promises that in one day they will lose their children and have widowhood in full measure in spite of their many “sorceries” and the great power of their “spells (Isaiah 47:9).” Evil will come upon them that they cannot “charm away,” and disaster will befall them for which they cannot atone; it will be sudden destruction (Isaiah 47:11). In the end of the analysis, God mocks them to continue in their self-reliance of spells, sorceries, false counsel, astrology, and false prophets by the stars and new moons. There is no salvation in these and no deliverance from the power of God’s flame (Isaiah 47:12-15). Caught up in the pursuit of power and pleasure, this pagan nation believed in its own greatness and denied God’s power. *Application* Our current American culture is also addicted to power and pleasure, much like the ancient Babylonians. We often do not realize how quickly the LORD can take our nice things away. He declares responsibility every time He blesses, whether it’s Israel or any other nation of the world. What concerns me is our current climate of separation from the people of God in Israel. The Word of God holds true to the promise in Genesis 12:3. If we forget that it is God who has blessed our nation based on our blessing of His children post World War II, and turn to our own devices and false wisdom, it will delude us to the point that we will be cursed with the judgment of the Almighty. Our self-reliance in American security is a facade, our trust must be in the LORD or we will pay dearly and perhaps suddenly. This is the hard lesson from this poignant chapter.


Verse to Memorize: Isaiah 47:10

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