Monday, August 11, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Isaiah- Chapter 32

Isaiah 32


-The Messianic expectation is given for Israel in this description of their glorious future. He will reign righteously, and His princes will rule justly (Isaiah 32:1). “Each will be like a refuge from the wind and a shelter from the storm, like streams of water in a dry country, like the shade of a huge rock in a parched land (Isaiah 32:2).” They will lift blindness and open ears to listen and minds to the truth. The twisted tongues will speak clearly. Only the righteous and blameless will be called noble, not the foolish. Only the truly generous will be called by that name, not the rogue (Isaiah 32:3-5). “For a fool speaks nonsense, and his heart inclines toward wickedness, to practice ungodliness and to speak error against the LORD, to keep the hungry person unsatisfied and to withhold drink from the thirsty (Isaiah 32:6).” “As for a rogue, his weapons are evil; he devises wicked schemes to destroy the afflicted with slander, even though the needy one speaks what is right. But the noble man devises noble plans; and by noble plans he stands (Isaiah 32:7-8).” *Application* God’s people will reign with Him in righteousness one day. The wicked and wayward who do not turn from their sin by faith in Him will perish. Whose side are you on?

-Women who are at ease and complacent will be troubled and their produce will not come in to them. They are told to tremble in fear and put on sackcloth of repentance beating their breasts for better times. Difficult times will come upon them until the Spirit is poured out among His people from on high. Then the wilderness will become a fruitful field and justice will dwell there along with the abiding of righteousness. Peace will occur and the service of righteousness will yield quietness and confidence forever. Security will happen, which is so longed for currently in this land. The people of the LORD will be blessed and sow beside all waters with abundance (Isaiah 32:9-20). *Application* Good times are coming for the people of God. His promises endure to every generation.


Verse to Memorize: Isaiah 32:1

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