Monday, August 4, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Isaiah- Chapter 27

Isaiah 27


-“In that day” the LORD will use His sword, which is fierce, mighty, and great, to punish the twisted serpent, Leviathan, who will be fleeing. God will kill the dragon who lives in the sea (Isaiah 27:1; 66:16, Revelation 13:1; 20:1-10). “In that day” a vineyard of fine wine will be sung over for the LORD is its keeper. He waters it every moment so that no one will damage it. He guards it night and day with no wrath trampling and burning all that comes against it (Isaiah 27:2-4J. This is the trampled vineyard of Isaiah chapter 5 restored in God’s new earth with protection and ultimate care filling the whole earth with the fruit of righteousness (Isaiah 27:5-6). *Application* God is the strongest and best hope to destroy our enemies and take great care of us. Trust in His security and protection.

-While Jacob’s iniquity will be forgiven in God’s great mercy, His enemies will be expelled, eradicated, and blown away in His striking. The idols of old will be pulverized chalk stones and will not stand. For the isolated that are outside of God’s Kingdom, their Maker will not have compassion on them and their Creator will not be gracious to them (Isaiah 27:7-11). *Application* God’s mercy and grace only apply to the repentant.

-“In that day” the LORD will start His threshing from the flowing stream of the Euphrates all the way to the brook of Egypt. The sons of Israel will be gathered up one by one, and the exiles will come home to worship the LORD in the holy mountain at Jerusalem (Isaiah 27:12-13). *Application* Our God will take care of His children just as He has promised. All will be restored to its proper blessing by His providence.


Verse to Memorize: Isaiah 27:5-6

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