Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Isaiah- Chapter 19

Isaiah 19


-The oracle (burden) concerning Egypt. “The LORD will strike Egypt, striking but healing; so they will return to the LORD, and He will respond to them and heal them (Isaiah 19:22).” This section spans history with some coming promises of unification around the Savior (Messiah). First, Egypt will be melted with dread and fear because of the idols they have erected. Civil war will ensue and the spirit of the Egyptians will be demoralized within them. God will confound their strategy as they resort to their idols, ghosts of the dead, mediums, and spiritists. As a result and further, God will deliver the Egyptians into the hand of a cruel master, and a mighty king will rule over them. This will create an intense time of suffering and mourning from the Egyptians with scarcity and terrible grief (Isaiah 19:1-10).

-The wisdom of the Egyptian princes and advisers becomes foolish and stupid in light of the LORD and His purposes. Delusion overtakes the rebellious house of Egypt, and the LORD mixes within her a spirit of distortion that leads them astray in all that it does. Egypt becomes like a drunken man staggering in his vomit (Isaiah 19:11-14). God’s Hand will wave over them to bring a ceasing to their labor, and in that time Judah will become a terror to Egypt causing them dread and panic. This is the LORD’s purpose, and He will work it for good at the coming of His Kingdom (Isaiah 19:15-17).

-In that day, which is repeated over and over and over again for futuristic emphasis, five cities in the land of Egypt will be found speaking the language of Canaan and swearing allegiance to the LORD of hosts. One of these cities will be called the City of Destruction (some ancient manuscripts read City of the Sun). At that time there will be an altar to the LORD in Egypt and a pillar to the LORD near its border; for they will cry to the LORD because of their oppressors and create a sign and a witness to the true God. Then God “will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will deliver them (Isaiah 19:20).” In that day as the LORD makes Himself known to Egypt, the Egyptians will relationally know the LORD and worship Him with sacrifice, offering, and vow. Not only this, but there will be a holy alliance now formed between the Children of God from Assyria, Israel, and Egypt. There will be a two-way highway from Egypt to Assyria, and they will worship God together. This triumvirate will be a blessing in the midst of the earth. The LORD calls them saying, “Blessed is Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My Hands, and Israel My inheritance (Isaiah 19:18-25).” *Application* God’s desire is to redeem all situations and bless. Look to Him who is the LORD of all the earth. Cry out to Him who can save and deliver. He is waiting to show you that you too are a special blessing, a work of His Hands, and a receiver of His eternal inheritance.


Verse to Memorize: Isaiah 19:22

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