Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Isaiah- Chapter 16

Isaiah 16


-The oracle concerning Moab continues and is completed in this section of Isaiah. They are told wise advice by the LORD through the mouth of the prophet to send the tribute lamb to the ruler of the land of Zion for refuge and hiding from the enemy that is coming to destroy. This was the LORD’s mercy and provision at work if they would listen and obey (Isaiah 16:1-4).

-What I take as a Messianic reference comes in verse five. “A throne will even be established in lovingkindness, and a Judge will sit on it in faithfulness in the tent of David; moreover, He will seek justice and be prompt in righteousness (Isaiah 16:5).”

-This is compared to the excessive pride, arrogance, and fury of Moab, whose idle boasts are completely false. Moab will wail and be utterly stricken as their gladness and joy are taken away. Their fruitful field has been devoured by the enemy. There will be no more cries of joy or jubilant shouting when these things occur. They have wearied themselves upon the high places of false gods when they came in to pray to these idols. This heresy of religion will not prevail. Within three years from Isaiah’s writing, “as a hired man would count them, the glory of Moab will be degraded along with all his great population, and his remnant will be very small and impotent (Isaiah 16:6-14).” *Application* The LORD always gives the best advice. Listen and give heed to His Word confirmed by the Holy Spirit which indwells if you have believed and are a child of the King. This will give wisdom to guide, protect, and keep you during the course of your life. Rely on your own pride and arrogance and you will be destroyed eventually. The enemy wants to chew you up and spit you out with no joy or fruit. God gives you the choice. Please follow Him in humility and complete dependence. His way is the best! His way ends with victory!


Verse to Memorize: Isaiah 16:5

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