Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Lamentations- Chapter 2

Lamentations 2


-This chapter may be entitled “God’s grief and anger over sin.” The LORD has covered the daughter of Zion with His cloud of anger and has cast down the glory of Israel. He is not sparing of the inhabitants in His indignation. He is cutting them off in justified wrath and fire. He has become like an adversary to His people and swallowed her up with destruction. The strongholds are torn down, and all that is left is mourning and moaning. Violence has overthrown even in the appointed meeting place of His Temple, and now the appointed feasts and Sabbath has been caused to be forgotten. The LORD has rejected His altar and abandoned His sanctuary. He has not restrained His punishment for disobedience this time. Wall and rampart are destroyed. Her gates have sunk into the ground, and the bars of security are totally broken. Israel’s “kings and princes are among the nations; the law is no more. Her prophets find no vision from the LORD (Lamentations 2:1-9).” The elders sit silently on the ground with dust on their heads girded with sackcloth. The virgins of Jerusalem have bowed their heads in humility to the ground. There is no hope in this distress (Lamentations 2:10).

-Jeremiah’s eyes fail from the plentiful tears; he is grieving. His spirit is greatly traumatized. His heart is broken and “poured out on the earth.” He sees the utter destruction of his people and the want of the faint little ones left in the land without food and drink. He compares Judah’s ruin to the vastness of the sea with no chance of healing. He remembers the false visions, prophecy, and oracles that lead to the rejection of the LORD’s Word, which could have thwarted their captivity and ruin. Now they must suffer the derision of their opponents who mock and ridicule with disdain and selfish pleasure. Jeremiah’s summation is this, “The LORD has done what He purposed; He has accomplished His Word which He commanded from days of old. He has thrown down without sparing, and He has caused the enemy to rejoice over you; He has exalted the might of your adversaries (Lamentations 2:11-17).”

-Though the cries now go out after the fact, their tears will flow day and night with no relief and no rest. They can beg in the presence of the LORD, but His annihilation was predicted and came to pass because they paid no attention to their Sovereign (Lamentations 2:18-22). *Application* God’s heart breaks with His judgment. He did not want this, but He was left with no choice. He could be shamed by their adultery with foreign gods no more. They did not heed the warning, but continued to go their own way until all was lost. Don’t let this happen to you, your family, your community, your region, or your nation. In fact, go ahead and change the world if you can with the warning message of Christ. His gospel is salvation for the repentant, but judgment for the ones who won’t believe. Turn before it’s too late. This will make God smile because that’s His desire.


Verses to Memorize: Lamentations 2:11, 17

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