Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Isaiah- Chapter 58

Isaiah 58


-Isaiah gets a word from the LORD concerning the proper heart attitude towards fasting. Crying loudly without holding back over transgression and sin without pretense or pride is essential. External observation does not constitute a sincere fast and breeds contention and strife and even violence. It has no power or impact with the LORD. Real fasting is humble and righteous with the oppressed going free and the yoke of sin being removed. It is concerned for the welfare of the poor, the hungry, and the homeless. This genuine article is what will bring recovery and the glory of the LORD with His guidance and provision. This is where rebuilding will occur (Isaiah 58:1-12). *Application* If you are not going to fast the right way, it is better not to do it at all.

-Isaiah pontificates on the proper usage of the Sabbath as well in this chapter. The people’s own pleasure should not be the focus of the Sabbath. The Sabbath is for the holy worship of the LORD. He should be the delight, not our own ways (Isaiah 13-14). *Application* It is now football season here in America. Whether its Saturday college football or Sunday’s NFL, people seem to gravitate to this god much more than the God of Heaven. If it’s not that, it’s a lake trip, golf, or some other pleasure seeking that many people cultivate and thrive on for a “good” weekend. Have we forgotten our King? Isaiah’s message is just as relevant today as it was 2700 years ago.


Verse to Memorize: Isaiah 58:6

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