Saturday, March 17, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes Chapters 74-75

Psalm 74 

-Theme: A plea in a fallen state for God to help His people defend His cause and covenant. God hears and shows mercy even in His times of wrath (Habakkuk 3:2).

-*Application* This psalm was probably written by a descendant of Asaph after the fall of the Temple in Jerusalem in 586 BC. What a devastating event in the lives of these believers who saw their world torn apart by godless men in a rage of fury and oppression. This happened basically because of the false teachers, corrupt prophets, and wicked kings that lead the southern kingdom into idolatrous ruin. For us, we are reminded that the LORD’s blessing is fragile and can be taken away by our nation’s own idolatry. Our comeback comes with recognition that God is our only true hope. It is to Him that we must plead our cause. His promises endure to the faithful and He will not forget the life of His afflicted forever. He will consider His covenant and recompense the wicked. 

Psalm 75 

-Theme: God is the final and ultimate judge for this world. The arrogant and prideful will not be lifted up, but brought low before His glory. Give Him thanks and praise as the wicked will be cut off and the righteous lifted up.

-*Application* Do you declare the LORD’s wondrous works who sets the appointed time of the wicked one’s destruction? God is in control and will one day pour out His wrath on all those who oppose Him. Which side are you on? I for one will always chose the LORD. He lifts the righteous up!

Verse to memorize: Psalm 74:12

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