Sunday, March 11, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes Chapters 59-61

Psalm 59

-Theme: A prayer for deliverance and for praise to the God who saves, loves, and shields.

-*Application* The enemies of God do not deserve His grace nor will they receive it. Only the repentant will obtain the mercy of the Heavenly Father. It is fallacious to think that God’s wrath will not be upon the wicked who does not turn from his sin. God will be a shield to only those who call upon Him and come into submission to His will and His plan for salvation (Psalm 116:13-17, John 14:6, Romans 10:13, James 4:7-10). We cannot thumb our nose at God and get away with it. He desires for all the earth to know Him and come into conformity with His righteousness, which comes through trusting in Jesus Christ, His Son. We should sing of this One’s strength and lovingkindness to protect us from the evil in this world.

Psalm 60

-Theme: Real and lasting help comes from God alone. Trust the LORD to do mighty things in situations that seem out of control.

-*Application* Those times in our lives when it seems like God has forgotten and rejected us even when we have done nothing wrong are very perplexing and can be disturbing. David says that we have a banner when we continue to fear God in these times. Think of a banner for a moment. It displays a message for all to see. In this case, the psalmist proclaims that our banner that we have been given displays the truth that eventually we will be delivered, saved by His right hand, and answered by Him at the opportune time. Everything is the LORD’s and He will take us through times of testing to see where our reliance lies. Is it in man and his philosophies? That the Bible says is in vain (Psalm 60:11; 146:3). Or is it in God? Through Him we shall do valiantly and tread down the adversaries. Our best ally is always God and His truth. He is superior.

Psalm 61

-Theme: The faithfulness of God to those who take refuge in Him and make their vows to Him in fear day by day. He is the Rock that is higher than us.

-*Application* Our heart at times will be faint like David’s was in this passage. He was on the run for his life from either King Saul or his own son Absalom. We, like David, must come to the place where we trust in that higher source of power and strength, which is beyond our own capabilities. God is our refuge and it is in His wings we are comforted and protected and preserved. Sing praise unto the LORD for His higher help!

Verse to Memorize: Psalm 60:11

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