Monday, March 12, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes Chapters 62-64

Psalm 62

-Theme: Wait on the LORD who is our hope and help. He is the only Rock of our salvation. Trust in Him at all times.
-*Application* We must remember that the power, the honor, and the glory belongs to God. This is sometimes difficult to ponder in this world where evil is so prevalent and seems to thrive. When this seems to be the case, it is an indication of our temporary and limited understanding of the big picture. We have a stronghold in God when oppression comes. Don’t try to scheme and fix your issues in your own power. Don’t set your heart on your riches to make your way smooth. This is a false way and destruction awaits those who trust in these methods.

Psalm 63

-Theme: Desire God’s presence, provision, and protection no matter where you are because only He satisfies fully.
-*Application* David writes this psalm with his Judean wilderness experience in mind. He was running for his life in harsh terrain where there was very limited water and provision. He had to rely on God and seek Him earnestly for not only physical sustenance, but spiritual comfort as well. His attitude remained strong and positive because he continued to thirst and yearn for God blessing His name despite his plight. He meditated even upon his bed in the night watches and he simply clung to His Maker to uphold him. He saw ahead and the victory was assured in his faith. We must live lives as such when times are difficult. Meditate on Him and His goodness.

Psalm 64

-Theme: The dread of the enemy is overcome by certain recompense of the LORD.
-*Application* David voices his concern to his God when he is troubled. Here is our example to be forthright with our loving Father with a heart of expectation for deliverance. We see an evaluation of the enemy here by David because he knows their misconduct and deeds. The enemy must be known if we are to pray and expect results. Don’t be aloof to Satan and his tactics. Have faith like David does here in this chapter that God will shoot the evil ones down and make them stumble. All will fear the LORD eventually. Be righteous and glad in the LORD. Take refuge in Him for the upright in heart will glory and prevail!

Verse to Memorize: Psalm 62:2

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