Thursday, March 15, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes Chapters 69-70


Psalm 69 

-Theme: In the lowest of circumstances God is our salvation and help and inheritance. We look forward to the day when evil and injustice will be gone forever.

-*Application* There are many things that the enemy comes at us with in an attempt to destroy us and devastate us in this journey of faith in our life. He is just to come to the aid of those who wait on Him. So even when you encounter immense opposition and accusation, remember to keep praying to the LORD of your salvation. At the acceptable time He will answer you with saving truth to deliver you and not let you sink. His compassion is forever and His desire is for you to turn to Him in your moments of need. The psalmist is clear in his approach. He wants an answer quick, but he is willing to wait. In his sickness, broken heart, and discomfort he found no one but God to set him securely on high. We see in the middle of this passage a prophecy of the crucifixion in verse 21. Therefore, we can identify this psalm with the agony and feelings Christ Jesus experienced on the cross as He died for the sins of the entire human race (Matthew 27:34, 46-50, Mark 15:34-37, Luke 23:36, John 19:28-30). So in our affliction and pain revive your heart in the hope of the LORD. His salvation is for those who love His Name! 

Psalm 70 

-Theme: An urgent prayer for help in a time of affliction and need.

-*Application* We must realize where our help comes from in the critical moments of need. It is sometimes necessary to beg the LORD for quick help and deliverance without delay as we see in this passage. This is simply honesty with God in our abiding relationship with the most powerful force in the universe. He is our ever-present aid in times of uncertainty.

Verse to memorize: Psalm 70:5

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