Monday, March 26, 2012

Luke Bible Study Notes Chapters 10

Luke 10

-The 70 are sent out in pairs ahead of Jesus to where He was going to come. There was organization that we can see here in the ministry of Christ as He was asking them to beseech the Lord of the harvest for laborers. The Lord sends them out as lambs in the midst of wolves with no money, no bag, no shoes, and the instruction to greet no one on the way (steadfast determination in their purpose). They would meet opposition and the Lord was preparing them for it. *Application* The enemy will do much to distract and thwart if possible God’s will. Our full reliance must be on Him. Focus on Christ the author and completer of our faith (Hebrews 12:1-2).

-Jesus continued to instruct with a command to bless the houses that they would go to with a word of peace. If that is accepted there will be a peaceful situation with rest in that place. If not the blessing would return to the ones who were sent out. They were to stay in the houses of peace and receive what these would give out of their generosity. They were instructed not to move from house to house. They were to proclaim the nearness of the Kingdom of God and heal the sick. They were to shake the dust off their feet in protest to their rejection of the Kingdom of God if they were not received.

-Apparently Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum (where Jesus headquartered His earthly ministry) did not receive this prophetic word from the Lord. They would be severely judged because of their rejection of Jesus.

-The 70 returned with an excellent report and great joy as the demons were subject to them in Jesus’ Name. Christ’s remark is interesting. He was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightening. *Interpretative Issue* Is this Jesus stating what was about to happen with the initiation of His Kingdom at the cross and His resurrection? Or was He scolding the disciples because they may have come back with a source of pride, which led to the downfall of Satan originally? Scholars disagree on these points. The context to me indicates that this was a time of joy and celebration, which would lead to the conclusion that this statement depicts Jesus getting excited about the work He was about to do for mankind.

-The vital point here is salvation. The real reason to celebrate anything and have hope is because the believers’ names are recorded in heaven as God’s children. The infants (simple) can grasp these salvific comments whereas the earthly wise and intelligent have a hard time comprehending the grace of God. *Application* It comes down to sufficiency on the Lord. The pride of man can certainly keep him from coming to acknowledge his dependence on a Savior.

-Greatness, even Deity, was in these disciples midst and Jesus took the opportunity to teach them who He was at this point.

-We now get the story of the Good Samaritan. The real obedience to loving others is the one who demonstrates his love by tangible action. This is the point of the parable. *Application* We need to be people who are rich in compassion and mercy loving even our enemies. This is expressed not only in word and thought, but by deed.

-This chapter ends with the incident of Mary and Martha. Martha was so preoccupied with routine cleaning and hospitality issues that she forgot the more important things of relationship, fellowship, and abiding in the presence of Christ Jesus. Worry was Martha’s issue, and Jesus spotted it well. *Application* Make time for the most important things in life. God should be at the forefront of that. Abide in Him (John 15:5).

Verse to Memorize: Luke 10:17

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