Friday, March 16, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes Chapters 71-73

Psalm 71

-Theme: The testimony of a life centered in the LORD from youth to old age. He is the constant help through the course of our time on earth.
-*Application* Is God your rock of habitation? This is something we may not be familiar with in our modern culture, especially if we do not live in a mountainous area. The rock is immovable by man and creates a natural barrier to trouble. It is a place of safety where one can resist the enemy with confidence. The best example of this in our era would probably be the mountains of Afghanistan where rebels have been able to hold off the world’s most powerful armies time and time again. God is our rock of habitation and our fortress in this ruthless and depraved world. The psalmist contemplates life through this passage as he clings to the LORD’s salvation. He sees the LORD’s sustaining power from his birth all the way into old age. He wants the LORD beside him until the very end and to use his life to declare God’s greatness unto the next generation. There is none like God and He must be praised in the lives of His people. If this does not happen, the next generation will not know of His greatness and deliverance.

Psalm 72

-Theme: The psalm of the impeccable king and his reign with a forward view toward the reign of the Messiah, who alone can rule with perfect justice and whose citizens will enjoy endless peace.
-*Application* When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. When the wicked rule, the people groan (Proverbs 29:2). We anticipate Jesus Christ’s righteous rule when there will be an abundance of peace and sustenance for all. We look forward to the day when the whole earth will be filled with His glory. Blessed be His glorious Name forever!

Psalm 73

-Theme: The temporary prosperity of the wicked compared to the everlasting rewards of the righteous (pure in heart). We should live holy lives, waiting and trusting in God for our future.
-*Application* The pure in heart is the most important element in the union with God and His blessing (Matthew 5:8). This essential component allows us to see God and His long term consecration that will not slip, fall, or be destroyed in sudden terror. It is the LORD’s counsel that should guide you all your days. He is the One who can receive you into His glory. We should desire nothing on this earth. It is temporary and will fail in the end.

Verses to memorize: Psalm 73:24-25

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