Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Psalms- Chapter 94

Psalm 94


-Theme: God will protect His people from the severe punishment that is coming upon the wicked. Evil will not prevail in the end. God’s discipline is just and beneficial.

-Historical Insight: This is an anonymous Psalm set to music.

-*Application* Have you ever cried out for God’s retribution in an unjust situation? God does hear and see (Psalm 94:9). The arrogant, puffed-up, wicked, and violent ones God will judge with benevolent wrath. His vengeance shines forth (Psalm 94:1). Blessed is the man whom is disciplined by the LORD. This man will be granted relief from the days of adversity when, on the other hand, the wicked will pay for their crimes. God will never abandon His people, nor will He forsake His inheritance. His judgment will be righteous, and “all the upright in heart will follow it (Psalm 94:12-16).” Without His help we believers are doomed, but with His strength we prevail. His consolation is a delight to our soul when anxious thoughts start to multiply within us (Psalm 94:19). He alone is our stronghold and refuge, and He will destroy the destroyer (Psalm 94:22-23).


Verses to Memorize: Psalm 94:15, 19

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