Saturday, February 7, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Psalms- Chapter 92

Psalm 92


-Theme: It is good to declare the glory of the LORD in His faithfulness and lovingkindness every day with thanksgiving and hope.

-Historical Insight: This is an anonymous Psalm used routinely in Temple services on the Sabbath in Israel.

-*Application* How often do you sing out and really praise God with your heart? This should be habitual in any Christian’s life (Psalm 92:1-4). There is strength in it. Give the LORD His due adulation and become a pillar in the faith with longevity and endurance. His ways are higher and deeper than ours (Psalm 92:5). His enemies will perish and be scattered (Psalm 92:6-9), but the one who exalts the King will be victorious and flourish (Psalm 92:10-14). He is our upright Rock and our Redeemer, and there is no unrighteousness found in Him (Psalm 92:15).


Verses to Memorize: Psalm 92:12-15

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