Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Psalms- Chapter 101

Psalm 101


-Theme: A Davidic prayer for God’s help to walk in the blameless way. Integrity is both of God and man.

-Historical Insight: This Psalm is attributed to King David.

-*Application* Lift up your voice and sing unto our great God. His lovingkindness and justice deserve our continual praise. His creation should cry out to Him because He rewards those who love Him in complete faith and reverence. He gives heed to the blameless way desiring us to come to His House with integrity of heart. Set no worthless, empty, or vain thing before your eyes and hate the work of the apostates who cannot continue in their following of Christ Jesus. Don’t let the world fasten its grip on you. Turn from evil and find the LORD. A perverse heart will eventually depart from the LORD who knows no evil. The one who secretly slanders (insults, defames, smears, libels) his neighbor will be destroyed by the righteous One. God will not endure the one with a haughty (cocky, prideful) look and arrogant heart. But, His eyes will be on the faithful of the land, and those will dwell eternally with Him. The one who take His righteousness and walks in it blamelessly will get to minister to Him, the Majestic King of Glory. On the other hand, all who practice deceit will NOT get to dwell in His House. The one who speaks falsehood will NOT maintain his position before the LORD of lords. God will destroy the wicked of the land every morning and cut off from His city those who do iniquity.


Verse to Memorize: Psalm 101:3

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