Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bible Study Notes on Song of Solomon- Chapter 7

Song of Solomon 7


-There is much descriptive admiration given by the bridegroom through the first verses of chapter 7 (Song of Solomon 7:1-8). The bride’s beauty is lavished in detail is poetic prose of the time. She is crowned like Mt. Carmel captivating the king (Song of Solomon 7:5). She is a delight to him in every conceivable way (Song of Solomon 7:6).

-As the bride responds again in the ecstasy of love, we see that again she is her beloved’s and his desire is for her (Song of Solomon 7:10). In wonderful, biblical language they explore the bearing of fruit and the spring’s fragrance in the vineyard and give each other their abiding love (Song of Solomon 7:12-13, John 15:1-17). *Application* Our union with Christ is described in many of the same ways these lovers express themselves. We have the biblical capacity to have intense and deep intimacy spiritually speaking with our LORD and that gives reason to feel His passion in every detail of our lives. Experience this living and loving God for yourself. Invite Him in to be your personal-spiritual bridegroom. Eternal life with Him is indescribable!


Verse to Memorize: Song of Solomon 7:10

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