Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Jeremiah- Chapter 3

Jeremiah 3


-The pollution of the harlotry image as an indication of idolatry dominates the theme of the verses in this chapter. Divorce and unfaithfulness is definitely NOT what the LORD desires from His people, yet they have turned away from His covenant of love and protection. God has attempted to bring them back with natural withholdings of rain, yet they refused to be ashamed and repent (Jeremiah 3:3). Judah has had its own way and not God’s plan (Jeremiah 3:5). Because of the rebellion in spite of her observation as to the punishment of the Northern Kingdom of Israel when they transgressed, the land of Judah is polluted with every despicable evil in the sight of God. God’s desire was for them to return to Him with all their heart, but they did it with deception (Jeremiah 3:6-10).

-Even faithless Israel in her idolatry has now proven to be more righteous than treacherous Judah (Jeremiah 3:11). The Father shows His compassion when a change of heart is made away from iniquity to believing in His redemption. He promises to the repentant in the north that He will not look upon them in anger, be gracious, be a Master to them, and bring them back to Zion if they will only turn to Him in faith (Jeremiah 3:12-14). God’s desire is shepherd them from His holy Temple and give them shepherds to lead them after His own heart to give them knowledge and understanding, increase and multiplication. This will be for all the nations “in those days” and “at that time” given as a futuristic prophecy of promise. This is when they will no longer “walk anymore after the stubbornness of their evil heart (Jeremiah 3:15-18).” God cries out for His beloved in an effort to draw them to Himself and make things pure and right. His desire is to give them His best among His sons in a pleasant land as their Father, but alas they departed as a wayward whore dealing treacherously with their true Husband perverting their way and forgetting the LORD their God (Jeremiah 3:19-21). Still God reaches out and begs them to return in faith for healing and restoration. The righteous will come to the LORD not relying on the fortress hills, which are a deception. Only God is the true salvation of Israel (Jeremiah 3:22-23). The shameful rejection of their God has haunted this people since their earliest stages, which has now ultimately shamed them and humiliated them for they have sinned against LORD their God in disobedience to His Voice (Jeremiah 3:24-25). *Application* It is so easy to drift away from the goodness and righteousness of our Great God and Savior. He desperately wants our wholehearted devotion, yet we compromise and play the idolater in so many instances. Resolve to stay focused on what great things God has for you when you keep believing and trusting in Him alone! If we lose sight of this as His people we will be shamed and humiliated as a means of correction, count on it.


Verses to Memorize: Jeremiah 3:15, 17

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