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Bible Study Notes on Song of Solomon- Chapter 8

Song of Solomon 8


-The bride begins with wishing for an expression of love publicly as the last chapter of the exquisite book begins (Song of Solomon 8:1-2). Family affection was the only publicly accepted proper conduct in the ancient Near East, and the bride wishes to show her devoted love to the bridegroom in every way. She longs again for his support and embrace in tender language (Song of Solomon 2:6; 8:3). The bridegroom responds with poetic repetition to let his beloved rest until she pleases (Song of Solomon 2:7, 3:5; 8:4).

-The chorus responds with the question, “Who is this coming up from the wilderness leaning on her beloved (Song of Solomon 8:5)?” This denotes her common heritage coming into the greatness of the kingdom and the glory that is now becoming hers.

-The bride recognizes her beloved’s benefits and expresses her deepest and heartfelt love in an outpouring of emotion expressed through the phrase “Put me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm. For love is as strong as death, jealousy is as severe (demanding) as Sheol (the grave). Its flashes are flashes of fire, the very flame of the LORD. Many waters cannot quench love, nor will rivers overflow it; if a man were to give all the riches of his house for love, it would be utterly despised (Song of Solomon 8:6-7).” *Application* Love is the strongest force in the universe and it overcomes every obstacle (see also 1 Corinthians 13). It is as strong as death, cannot be killed by time or disaster, and it cannot be bought for any price because it is freely given. This love comes from God as a free gift to us out of His compassion, grace, and mercy. Accept the love of God and realize He is jealous for you to be His own prize and possession.

-After the chorus of Jerusalem’s daughters explain her chastity during her growing up years, the bride says because of her moral integrity (she was a wall protected, not an open door to fornication or immorality) she became in the eyes of her beloved “as one who finds peace (Song of Solomon 8:10).” *Application* We too will find peace and ultimate satisfaction when we do God’s things, God’s way. He gives complete joy in righteousness. Wait upon the LORD!

-The bridegroom, Solomon, had a vineyard at Baal-hamon (only mention of this biblically and in an unknown location) where he entrusted his resources to the caretakers, of which the Shulammite was one. She had been given the vineyard to be at her disposal, and her concern was to give the produce of fruit and its reward to her lord taking only what she needed back as payment. *Application* The King of king entrusts much to us in His Kingdom. Take His spiritual gifts and realize that they are to be used as tools to give back to Him in spiritual growth and multiplication. See the unity in the effort by the power of love.

-The last interchange reflects the bridegroom’s desire to hear the voice of his bride and the receptivity of the bride to hurry to consummate this love. The wedding was just the beginning to a lifetime of intimacy and open communication. Their faithfulness would last and last. *Application* This represents in many ways the marriage between the bride of Christ, the Church, and Himself at the end of the age (Revelation 19:7-9). Trust in your Beloved. He will give you peace and rest forever!


Verses to Memorize: Song of Solomon 8:6-7

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