Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Jeremiah- Chapter 9

Jeremiah 9


-God’s disgust continues to reign down on Judah, and in the greater context Israel, in this foreboding chapter of Holy Scripture. God is grieved and the prophet feels it as he writes of the impending doom and why it is all necessary. Jeremiah discusses his wish to leave his people and go from them because of their adulterous spirit and their assembly of treachery (Jeremiah 9:2). Deceit is the first reason the LORD gives, which is delineated in repeated expression throughout Jeremiah 9:3 through 9:9. Lies prevail in the land like a weapon, and they proceed from evil to more evil because they simply do not really know the LORD and His ways. The mistrust makes people on edge and on guard against his neighbor out of necessity because of the craftiness and scheming of the majority. Slander is commonplace and the wicked weary themselves with committing iniquity. They dwell in deceit and refuse to know God. They speak peace with their mouths, but their heart is setting a trap for their fellow man. It is a cunning spirit. Therefore, the LORD will refine them and assay (evaluate, test, try, prove) them because He has no other alternative. They have depleted their options and now God must punish the nation to avenge Himself. *Application* There is one thing about it. God will always receive His glory, one way or another. We cannot continually thumb our nose at God and expect to get away with it forever. He deserves the power, glory, honor, and respect, so give it to Him before He has to take it the hard way. He desires mercy and not judgment, but when necessary, He will evaluate all things justly. We must come before God on His terms, not our own.

-Jerusalem and all the land of Israel and Judah will become desolate from the judgment of God (Jeremiah 9:10-11). The next section answers the question “Why (Jeremiah 9:12)?” God again begins to answer the “Why?” as He continues with His indictment of His people. The Law has been forsaken and they have not obeyed the Voice of the LORD to walk according to His statutes (Jeremiah 9:13). Instead, they have walked after the stubbornness of their own hearts and after the false gods of the Baals as taught by their fathers (Jeremiah 9:14). The result of this will bring the LORD’s feeding of them with wormwood (bitterness) and poison. They will be scattered among the nations at the direction of the Almighty and become annihilated. Lamentations will be commonplace and shame the norm. Death has come up through their windows by their own choosing and there is none to gather them back in their season of judgment (Jeremiah 9:15-22).

-God continues to speak that the wise should never boast in his own wisdom, nor the mighty in his own might, nor the rich in his own riches (Jeremiah 9:23). On the other hand, the one who should boast in confidence is the one who understands and knows the LORD who is kind, just, and righteous as to His delight (Jeremiah 9:24). God will punish those who are outwardly and culturally circumcised, yet uncircumcised of heart (Jeremiah 9:25-26). *Application* It always has been about the heart with the One-True Living God. He knows us inside and out and understands our complete motivation. He wants all of us in heartfelt devotion, not just exterior compliance and ritualistic pageantry. For more insight from the New Testament on true wisdom see 1 Corinthians 1:18-4:21 and James 3:13-18. For more insight on might see Zechariah 4:6. For more insight on riches from the New Testament see James 5:1-5.

Verses to Memorize: Jeremiah 9:8, 23-24

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