Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Song of Solomon- Chapter 2

Song of Solomon 2


-The bride picks back her dialogue in the beginning phrase of chapter two (Song of Solomon 2:1). The rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys were considered common flowers found in Israel. The girl was probably saying something to the effect that she considered herself inadequate of special recognition or just plain ordinary. Solomon’s response shows us otherwise however. He considers her a lily among the harsh thorns and as a darling (wonderful, dear, precious, superior) among all the other maidens (Song of Solomon 2:2). The Shulammite’s response shows extreme gratitude and praise once again (Song of Solomon 2:3-6). Notice: he is the apple of her eye, she takes great delight in him, she can rest, he was sweet and not bitter, he provides and sustains, he refreshes, and he embraces, all in his unfailing love. *Application* This is a beautiful picture of not just a man and woman’s heartfelt love, but of a God who cares for His ultimate creation, mankind. Let the love of God saturate your life!

-As the dialogue moves forward, the king instructs the daughters of Jerusalem not to arouse or awaken his love until she pleases (Song of Solomon 2:7). This indicates his concern for her wellbeing and desire to make her content and totally nurtured. *Application* Our protection and security always comes from a higher source. God is showing us here that His ways are beneficial to our need, and that we can be at total rest in Him without interference.

-The bride now reflects back on their courtship and how the king captured her heart (Song of Solomon 2:8-17). He came as she listened making valiant efforts by climbing mountains and leaping hills. He searched her out and invaded with an everlasting love. He responded to her needs and asked her gently to come along with him. The winter season of stagnation and death were over along with the spring rains, and now it was time to have the flowers and fruit of fullness appear. The voice of the turtledove now is singing. The time for consummation had arrived! *Application* This presents a picture of what salvation is like for the believer. God pursued us and captured our heart with his tender-loving mercy and grace. Thank Him for His gift of eternal union!

-In the midst of this stanza, the bride reminds that even in great relationships there can be trouble. The “little foxes” of our relationships need to be caught so that they don’t ruin the fruit God desires in our lives. “Little foxes” are minor sin issues, which if left unchecked, can destroy what the Divine wants to accomplish in our homes and lives. They can sneak up at the most inopportune moments and catch us by surprise if we are not extremely careful. Pay attention to guard against the “little foxes” in your vineyard.


Verses to Memorize: Song of Solomon 2:4, 15

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