Friday, April 4, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Song of Solomon- Chapter 4

Song of Solomon 4


-Solomon expresses his love in the majority of this chapter in expressive language that yearns for His bride (Song of Solomon 4:1-15). Her beauty and perfections capture his heart (Song of Solomon 4:1, 7). He desperately desires her love and affection, which stirs up his deepest emotions and praise. She is sealed up only for him (Song of Solomon 4:12). *Application* This locked up state has parallel in Ephesians where Paul states they we as children of God are sealed up unto redemption through the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13-14; 4:30). The point is this: We are His, and He never loses or forsakes His possessions. There is a guarantee, pledge, and promise! This is the love of our God manifested in complete security!

-Solomon also talks of his bride in terms of being a garden spring, a well of fresh water with streams flowing as from the Lebanon (Song of Solomon 4:15). The northern sources of spring water were, and still are, the primary supply of fresh-clean drinking water and sustenance for the land of Israel. This cross referenced with Jesus’ remarks in John 4:10-15 and 7:37-40 gives us a beautiful picture for eternal washing and refreshing, which only comes from the loving Savior, Jesus Christ. *Application* When Christ comes into a person, seasons of refreshing and rejuvenation occur in a perpetual state (Acts 3:19). This is an inner reality, which springs forth into the spiritual fruits of our lives once we have been transformed and changed into the image of Christ as we unite with Him (John 15:8). Grow and keep growing in your walk with the Redeemer. Never stop improving (2 Peter 1:2-8; 3:18)!

-The last verse is a brief interlude by the Shulammite bride revolving around the source that makes her garden breathe out fragrance unto places abroad. In powerful language the lover invites the husband to come and unite with her in the delight of passion (Song of Solomon 4:16). *Application* Our unification with the King of kings gives us the source for all goods things including our ministry, which affects and infects our world around us. The power of love given through our Almighty God produces in us a fragrance that will change the world. You as a believer are the aroma of Christ (2 Corinthians 2:14-17)! Let your light so shine (Matthew 5:16)!


Verse to Memorize: Song of Solomon 4:7

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