Monday, August 13, 2012

Nahum Bible Study Notes Chapter 3


Nahum 3

-A final pronouncement of doom is given to Nineveh, which is a city of violence completely full of lies and stealing (these three things are in God’s top ten of things not to do, Exodus 20:13, 15-16). They had played the harlot using beauty, prestige, and power to seduce other nations and take them from the One true and living God (Nahum 3:4). But beneath her beautiful and impressive exterior lay a vicious and deceitful interior, which was evil to the core. She was charming and the mistress of sorceries (occultic type practices) (Nahum 3:4). For these atrocities, God was against her and would devastate the nation (Nahum 3:5-19). *Application* Bullying is a big deal these days in schools across our land. Nineveh thought she could get away with treating others inhumanely and cruelly without mercy. However, as with any situation, God sees and knows all things and will recompense the wicked for every unkind act. If you have wronged someone or taken unfair advantage of them, go to them and make it right before the LORD is all out against you. Do the Godly thing and seek restoration, repentance, and reconciliation.

Verse to Memorize: Nahum 3:1

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