Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Harmony of the Gospels

19. Young Jesus at the Temple- Luke 2:40-52


-In two verses, 40 and 52, we see that Jesus went through the growing process well defined in character, wisdom, grace, and stature. He continued to grow in all facets of His life. When He was twelve, He stayed behind intrigued by His Father’s house in the Temple and the teachers who were there. They were amazed at His understanding and answers as He listened to them and ask them questions for three days. One may wonder how a family with a Boy this special not miss Him for a full day. On my visit to the Promised Land I observed many children even to this day that roam the streets on their own unaccompanied by parents or any kind of adult supervision. This seems very strange to our western mind these days with all the crime and child abuse that is prevalent in our society, but there it is part of the culture. Safety seems to be assured for the young and the innocent. Jesus’ parents no doubt had any concern for this first day of travel homeward that their Boy was off with another relative in their caravan and was well cared for apparently. However, after a day of not seeing Him, they did begin to look and were unable to locate Him. Three days later they found Him and were perturbed because of their anxiety over looking for Him (imagine losing the only Son of God you were chosen to take care of!). Jesus again showed His supernatural wisdom with His response to His earthly parents and reassured them of His purpose and mission even as a lad. His mother treasured all of these things in her heart and Jesus continued in subjection to them as commanded by the Law (Exodus 20:12, Luke 2:51). *Application* Jesus grew every day in wisdom (mind), stature (physical body care), and in favor (relationship) with God (spiritual) and man (social) (Luke 2:52). There is no greater verse in Scripture for us to look to in order to find how we should evaluate every day that we live on this earth (Psalm 90:12). Make every day count and live in Christ!

Verse to Memorize- Luke 2:52

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