Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Micah Bible Study Notes Chapter 7


Micah 7

-The prophet announces woe upon himself for the sins of his people and their complete depravity. In a sense, poetically, he is taking upon himself the responsibility for his countrymen. It is a lament if you will. He points out that the godly have perished from the land with none upright in heart. They are violent with evil intent and destruction on their mind. The phrase, “concerning evil, both hands do it well,” speaks of the completeness of their wickedness (Micah 7:3a). They accept bribes and are altogether untrustworthy. Micah promises confusion for them and for the godly to be very careful about counting on them with their words even in their own household. These no doubt are evil days with the need for complete restoration and redemption. *Application* We live in much the same culture as the prophet describes here. There is so much vileness and debauchery that any righteous soul is driven to perplexity and deep sadness (2 Peter 2:8).

-But, the contrast comes, which is welcome right? As for me (i.e. the godly, the followers and believers in God and His righteousness) there is an anxious expectation for the LORD and His recompense and justice. He is the One who will bring His beloved into the Light. It is these that will see His righteousness and the enemy will be shamed and corrected. *Application* Carry on if you are weary O Christian! Be patient and leave room for the wrath of God. Pray expectantly and keep the faith. It is never over when you are on God’s side. We are fighting through the victory that has already been accomplished and completed through our Savior Jesus Christ. His word is secure and sure. It will come to pass. Endure to the end and be rewarded!

-There is prophetic literature in verse 14 speaking of the Shepherd with His scepter. This refers to the earthly reign of the Messiah, which will be a fruitful and abundant time as in the days of old. Restoration is promised along with miracles, which again will shame the nations of all their might in dread of the LORD.

-The final three verses of the chapter and book reveal complete hope and encouragement for God’s people. It is a stanza of praise extolling the attributes of the Living God who pardons iniquity, passes over rebellious acts, does not retain anger forever, and delights in unchanging love. His compassion is on His people and their iniquities will be trampled underfoot. Their sin will be cast into the bottom of the ocean floor (in other words to a depth that cannot be found). God’s promises and truth are sure and unchanging. *Application* What God says to us and about us is irrevocable. He sees you as righteous if you have trusted Jesus Christ and received the forgiveness He offers though His sacrificial death on the cross. He has you by the hand and has sealed you until the day of redemption (John 10:28, Ephesians 4:30). Our salvation is secure in Him! He never changes and is totally faithful!

Verses to Memorize: Micah 7:7-8, 18-19

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