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Micah Bible Study Notes Chapter 1


Micah 1

-Micah is a prophet from Moresheth (a village in Judah 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem in the hill country). His ministry extends some 55 years from about 742-687 B.C. during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah (Micah 1:1). The word of the LORD comes to him concerning Samaria (the Northern Kingdom) and Jerusalem (the Southern Kingdom). The Northern Kingdom will fall during the ministry of Micah (this happens in 722 B.C.). Micah gives a clear message of God’s hatred for sin, but His love and forgiveness for any who repent and turn back to Him for restoration. He uses beautiful-classic Hebrew poetry in three distinct sections beginning with the word “Hear” focusing on the capitals, the leaders, and the people in a trial motif and closing with a promise from God (Micah 1:2; 3:1; 6:1). He is the prophet that gives us glimpses into the Messiah as to where He will be born (Micah 5:2) and how He will lead (Micah 2:13; 4:1-13).

-Micah opens with how the LORD will come forth from His place and tread upon the high places of the earth (those places lifted up against Him in idolatry). He will melt mountains and split valleys with His power and authority like wax before a fire and water poured down a steep place (Micah 1:3-4). *Application* Great and awesome is any coming of the LORD upon this earth. This particular prophecy could be for any time, but it makes me think of His second coming and the reconstruction that will take place as He wipes away evil. It is ominous to contemplate the arrival of God when He is not pleased with a situation. This should conjure up a healthy fear of the LORD and His glory as we read verses like this.

-The reason for the LORD’s coming in might and vengeance is given in verse 5. It is because of the rebellion of Jacob and the sins of the house of Israel. Rhetorical questions are asked in this verse for the poetic purpose of validation and conviction. *Application* Any act set up against the supreme authority and direction of the Sovereign LORD is rebellion against Him. This is the act of idolatry and displeases God to the utmost as we see here in the passage. He will turn our revolt against Him into bitterness (Maroth, Micah 1:12). Walking in our own way apart from Him will leave us naked and shamed (Shaphir, Micah 1:11) with lamentation (Beth-le-aphrah, Micah 1:10), abandonment (Zaanan, Micah 1:11), and removal (Beth-ezel, Micah 1:11) from His steadfast love and care. This is our condition apart from Christ Jesus and His saving power. Trust in Him today and find your dwelling in safety and security rather than separation and depravity.

Verses to Memorize: Micah 1:3-4

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