Friday, August 3, 2012

Micah Bible Study Notes Chapter 3


Micah 3

-This next section beginning with the imperative to “hear” what the LORD is saying in regards to the national leaders for the purpose of them to know “justice (Micah 3:1).” The prophet makes his case against them for their love of evil in showing no compassion for the people by ripping them apart using a cannibal type analogy. The LORD is announcing that these false prophets will have no vision (Micah 3:5-6). They will be shamed and embarrassed because of their treachery and godless living. *Application* This is a classic example from Scripture about how people will rise no higher than their leadership in a society, culture, or church. Jesus clarifies this point with His own disciples (Matthew 10:24-25, Luke 6:39-40). We must be careful of to whom we listen and allow to persuade us in our free society. We ultimately are under the influence of one King and Lord who is the Head, even Jesus Christ our Savior. He is our perfect example and we should imitate and follow His lead. Jesus warned us often about false teachers and influencers. Be discerning and don’t be fooled by evil men that subvert and pervert the truth. If you happen to be a leader of people, don’t use your position for personal advantage and destroy the spirit of the people under your authority. As we see here, God sees and holds us all accountable for our actions, thoughts, and motives. Seek justice and true peace with courage.

-Micah is the true man of God as we see in Micah 3:8. He is filled with four incredible things as the servant of the most High. He, in antithesis of the corrupt leaders, has: 1. power, 2. the Spirit of the LORD, 3. justice, and 4. courage. It is because of his walk with the LORD that he knows the way of the upright and receives blessing (Micah 2:7). *Application* We see here four unique qualities of one who remains faithful even when the society around him is stumbling and errant. O that we would embrace the ways of God and gain these four virtuous attributes in our daily living.

-After giving his case for being a true servant of God in power, Micah resumes his denouncement of Israel’s inept leaders and their qualities. They abhor justice and twist everything that is straight (Micah 3:9), they build with bloodshed and violence (Micah 3:10), they pronounce judgment for a bribe (Micah 3:11a), and they instruct for a price (Micah 3:11b). They negate any wrongdoing and claim that nothing bad will happen to them, even saying that the LORD is with them in their midst (Micah 3:11c). The LORD will hold them responsible for their faulty leadership and destroy their land. Zion (the mountain Jerusalem sits on) will be plowed as a field, Jerusalem will become a heap of ruins, and the mountain of the temple will become high places of a forest (Micah 3:12). This actually happened in 586 B.C. as the Babylonians destroyed the city and again under the Romans in 70 A.D. *Application* Money still has a way of controlling things in our modern age. Leaders and pastors who cater to the demands of the wealthy even to the detriment of what is right and good by what the LORD wants to do in a church is tantamount to accepting a bribe just like Micah denounces and abhors by the Spirit of God. If you are a leader who is swayed by people with money, beware! God is not for you and this is a bribe. Leaders cannot always be people pleasers. Don’t remain silent; speak up for what is right and Godly no matter what the cost. Your well-being and success is ultimately in the hands of God and He is who you should please above all.

Verses to Memorize: Micah 3:8, 11

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