Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Psalms- Chapter 119:161-176: Shin and Tav

Psalm 119 (Shin and Tav)- Verses 161-176


-*Shin Application* Are you ever persecuted by those in authority over you without any just cause? You are not alone. The Psalmist experienced this as have many others throughout the ages. The Psalmist answers give us some weapons through the Sword of the Holy Spirit (Ephesian 6:17) to combat this senseless evil. First, stand in awe of the words of God when you are under assault. Second, rejoice in the Word of God; it stands firm through the fiercest storms of life. Find great spoil in the truths of Scripture. Also, hate and despise falsehood that is against the law of the LORD. In other words, be honest and expect honesty. In love, courageously call out deceptions even when it costs you something. Who knows, you may be the next Martin Luther starting a new reformation. Further, praise the LORD continually in your circumstances. His ordinances are righteous and will prevail in the end. Remember that those who love His law have “great peace, and nothing causes them to stumble (Psalm 119:65).” Nothing beats that. Avoid the turmoil of worry and despair. Hope in the LORD’s salvation; it is coming to all who believe. Do His commandments and keep His testimonies. Love them exceedingly because all of our ways are before the all-knowing God.

*Tav Application* As our cries come before the LORD, there should be an expectation that He will give us understanding of every event and circumstance that we face in life. His Word has an answer for every need we have. So, dig deep and mine out His treasures from Scripture. Let your supplication (tĕchinnah- petition for favor) come before His throne of grace as you beg for deliverance (Hebrews 4:16). Keep uttering praise to the King in the midst of serious situations. He teaches us in our dire straits. Sing new songs to Him and adore His commandments even in your trouble. Faith overcomes. His Hand is ready to help you, trust in Him. We long for His salvation in this sojourn of life (Romans 8:18-25); keep delighting in His law. Realize that it is for the LORD’s glory that our soul lives. Praise Him continually. He will be your help and Savior. We have all gone astray at times like little lost sheep. Thank God that He seek us out and finds us in our weakness. So, please do not forget His guidelines.


Verse to Memorize: Psalm 119:165

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