Monday, March 16, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Psalms- Chapter 119:33-48: He and Vav

Psalm 119 (He and Vav)- Verses 33-48


-*He Application* Our greatest need whether we realize it or not is to be taught. When we learn from the LORD it endures, and our observation of His truths has the power to hold us to the end of our earthly walk step-in-step with His dreams, visions, and plans for our lives. This is the essence of what we truly crave in our passions, namely to have eternal significance and meaning. Again, it all comes down to the heart. Delight in His will, His testimonies, His commandments. This will allow us to avoid looking at vanity (shav’- emptiness, falsehood, wickedness). We will then have Godly gain and avoid dishonest pursuits that will end in ruin. God’s Word will revive us and extend us. It instills the proper reverence for Him and takes away our reproach (cherpah- scorn, accusation). His ordinances are good because they take away our guilt when we humbly enjoy and obey them.

-*Vav Application* Here is a plea for God’s lovingkindness to come, which brings with it His salvation. The accuser will come against, but with Christ we have an answer for he who comes against us. It’s all about trusting in the Word of God. We wait for His ordinances and fulfillment with great expectation and faith. This keeps us going strong in His law of love “continually forever and ever (Psalm 119:44).” In His precepts we walk with liberty (rachab- broad, wide, spacious). In other words, we will go further in life than we ever dreamed with God as our guide. We may even go before kings with the unashamed gospel of our salvation in Christ Jesus, who we love more than anything else. This is why we meditate on His statutes.


Verse to Memorize: Psalm 119:42

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