Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Psalms- Chapter 119:65-80: Teth and Yodh

Psalm 119 (Teth and Yodh)- Verses 65-80


-*Teth Application* Have you considered just how well the LORD deals with you as you walk with Him in servanthood? According to His promises in His Word He teaches us and gives us understanding that mystifies the world system and all it holds dear. Through belief in Christ we have Godly discernment and knowledge. When we stray off the righteous path and suffer affliction, the LORD’s commandments adjust our thinking and instruct us of a better way. Even when you innocently encounter oppression from lying-arrogant people, observe the LORD’s precepts with all your heart realizing that His delight is in seeing you through difficult situations that are impossible to conquer without His help. Pain teaches us to learn His statutes and illuminates a better course. His graceful law is better to us “than thousands of gold and silver pieces (Psalm 119:72).”

-*Yodh Application* God is our Creator. He fashioned us for His desires and His purposes. He gives His anointed understanding so that we can learn His commandments and bear testimony of His greatness in the world. The ones that reverence God will see our witness and be glad in the fact that we have the patience to wait for the Word of God to be completed in our destiny. His judgments are righteous, and He allows suffering for a divine purpose, our spiritual growth. He shows Himself faithful in our misery. When there is no other salvation, He is there to come through in our most clutch of situations. He is our comfort and shield in times of trouble. He causes us to live and thrive as we continue to meditate on His precepts. In the end, we can be held blameless in our heart and come into blessing unashamed as we take on His righteousness through a unified relationship.


Verse to Memorize: Psalm 119:74

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