Friday, March 6, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Psalms- Chapter 114

Psalm 114


-Theme: Israel’s deliverance from Egypt by the power of Almighty God. Judah, the sanctuary of Yahweh and Israel, the LORD’s dominion.

-Historical Insight: This anonymous Psalm recounts the Exodus journey from slavery in Egypt, to the wilderness wanderings, to the entrance into the Promised Land crossing the Jordan. It displays God’s awesome power to control earthly events for His people’s benefit and survival.

-*Application* Do you observe the powerful works of the LORD in your life to preserve and refine you? He desires to make you His possession and the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit by the fulfilling of His New Covenant (Deuteronomy 4:20, Romans 8:9, 11, 2 Corinthians 3:6, Colossians 1:27, Titus 2:14, 1 Peter 2:9). Notice the joy when God comes into a situation and takes control. His sustaining power is always sufficient. Even a rock can turn into a pool of water to quench thirst and add life for His people (Psalm 114:8).


Verse to Memorize: Psalm 114:1-2

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