Sunday, July 1, 2012

Hosea Bible Study Notes Chapter 4


Hosea 4

-The LORD begins to build His case against Israel primarily for their unfaithfulness, their unkindness, and their lack of knowledge of their God. He also lists swearing, deception, murder, stealing, adultery, and violence. The land is languishing because of their disobedience.

-The primary focus of this chapter is on Israel’s lack of knowledge, which is destroying them because of their rejection of it. They consulted the wrong deities and the spirit of harlotry has carried them away from the Truth. They are stubborn and go their own way, which is their great deception. They have no understanding in their waywardness. *Application* God asks us too to not depart from the righteous path that leads to peace, knowledge, understanding, and life among many other benefits. Stay in His Truth, which is exemplified by Jesus Christ through His life and you will do well. He is our perfect model and is in us to lead and direct us through His Holy Spirit. When we turn away from Him as His children He will rightly bring us back through His discipline designed to benefit us (Hebrews 12).

Verse to Memorize: Hosea 4:1

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