Thursday, July 19, 2012

Amos Bible Study Notes Chapter 2


Amos 2

-The final judgment on a surrounding nation is pronounced on Moab, which was the nation just east of the Dead Sea. Moab were also descendents from the incestuous relationship between Lot and his older daughter (Genesis 18:30-37). Moab is where Ruth, the ancestor of King David and eventually Jesus (on Mary’s side), was from (Ruth 1:4). Disrespect was the primary reason listed as they burned the bones of the king of Edom to lime (Amos 2:1).

-Then the LORD turns to His own people and pronounces the same type of judgments, both on Judah and Israel (the divided kingdom). Judah had rejected the law of the LORD, not kept His statues, and lied continually (Amos 2:4). Israel was accused justly of selling the righteous and needy for money and trivial things, turning aside the way of the humble, and profaning God’s Holy Name (Amos 2:6,7). They did not remember their LORD who destroyed their enemies before them and cared for them in the wilderness. They neglected His prophets that He gave them and made the Nazirites (holy men of vows and consecration) break their oath of abstaining from wine. Therefore, their strength will leave them and they will flee before their enemies. *Application* God’s warnings should always be taken seriously. The complacent-apathetic attitude of the children of Israel ignited the LORD’s judgment on them. The same can be said of us when we turn away from what we know is the right, good, and proper way to conduct our lives. There are always consequences for living improperly before the LORD. He has been so good to us. We need to recognize that and stay close to Him and all of His good graces. We should desire His blessings, not His judgment, but it is always going to be up to our free will choices. Choose the LORD!

Verse to Memorize: Amos 2:4

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