Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hosea Bible Study Notes Chapter 13


Hosea 13

-Ephraim for the last time in the book is denounced for all its pride in forgetting and turning away from their living God. They exalted themselves and followed after false gods sinning more and more (Hosea 13:1-2). What they became were clouds without rain, dew in the morning that evaporated, chaff blown away by the wind being of no use, and smoke from a chimney that was there but then gone (Hosea 13:3). In other words, their usefulness for the Kingdom was temporary and fleeting because of their unfaithfulness to the LORD. His patience with them was nearly over. He had cared for them in the most desperate times in the wilderness and had expectations clearly laid out for their conduct, but when they found their pasture, they became satisfied and proud (Hosea 13:4-6). Therefore, they forgot their God and went their own way (Hosea 13:6b). It is to their destruction that they go against God and His help (Hosea 13:9). Whereas He wanted to be their Savior, they turned to other gods and kings for protection and safety and would find that there is no salvation apart from the living LORD. His compassion will be hidden from them (Hosea 13:14). Though it will seem for a short while Ephraim is prospering, his fountain and spring will dry up and his treasury of every precious article will be plundered (Hosea 13:15). They along with Samaria will fall by the sword with their little ones dashed to pieces and the pregnant women ripped open (Hosea 13:16). *Application* Rebellion against God brings disaster in the long run. It may seem for a while that you are getting away with sin and forgetting about the LORD, but this is simply His patience with you. God gives us every opportunity to turn back to Him and receive His grace, but there will come a time when He has had enough and will bring upon you what you deserve for neglecting His mercy and kindness. None other has the power to save and God reaches out to us even in our times of prosperity to let us know that our possessions and false hopes will not deliver eternal security. Don’t let yourself trust in temporary solutions. Don’t be satisfied and proud forgetting your Maker. In the end you will definitely need Him. Call upon Jesus!

Verse to Memorize: Hosea 13:6

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