Friday, August 21, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Numbers- Chapter 2

Numbers 2


-The LORD speaks to Moses and Aaron to tell them how they should position themselves in the camp towards the tabernacle in this instructive chapter. The tribes were commanded to camp each by his own standard with the banners of their father’s households around the tent of meeting at a distance (Numbers 2:1-2). The format would essentially look like this:


                                                                        Dan (Leader- Ahiezer, Men- 62,700)
                                                                       Asher (Leader- Pagiel, Men- 41,500) 
                                                                       Naphtali (Leader- Ahira, Men- 53,400)

                                                                             Total: 157,600


Benjamin                                                                                                  Issachar
(Leader- Abidan, Men- 35,400)                                                                                           (Leader- Nethanel, Men- 54,400)

 Ephraim                                                                                   Moses                                Judah

(Leader- Elishama, Men- 40,500)                                      Tabernacle      Aaron of sons        (Leader- Nahson, Men- 74,600)
                                                                                                  of Levi
            Manasseh                                                                                                 Zebulun
(Leader- Gamaliel, Men- 32,200)                                                                                         (Leader- Eliab, Men- 57,400)

Total: 108,100                                                                                                             Total: 186,400

                                    Gad (Leader- Eliasaph, Men- 45,650)                 Simeon (Leader- Shelumiel, Men- 59,300)

                                                                        Reuben (Leader- Elizur, Men- 46,500)


                                                                        Total: 151,450

                                                                  Grand Total: 603,550

We can certainly start to see why this book is named Numbers now can’t we? The Levites, again, were not numbered men of the sons of Israel, because the LORD had commanded it to be that way. So we see that Israel did all that the LORD commanded them to do in the structure of their camp in naming leaders and obediently following the requirement to number their armies by household.

-*Application* What we can definitely see in this exercise is that the family units were important to God. He arranged them by direct command through His servants Moses and Aaron. He also gives us directives to make our own homes the best that they can possibly be (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Colossians 3:18-21, Ephesians 5:15-6:4). Listen to the words of the Father and obey them. You will see biblical success, prosperity, and well-being in your own home if you do.


Verse to Memorize: Numbers 2:34

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