Friday, August 28, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Numbers- Chapter 8

Numbers 8


-The lampstand that would be in the holy place in the tabernacle was given a brief description as this chapter begins. God spoke to Moses for him to speak to Aaron concerning this important article for the worship of Almighty Yahweh. His Light becomes the light of the world (John 8:12; 9:5, 2 Corinthians 4:3-7). The work was according to the pattern prescribed by God (Numbers 8:1-4). It was not man’s plan at all. The Designer had, and has, full authority.

-The next section where God speaks to Moses concerns the cleansing and purification of the Levites for service in the tent of meeting. They were to be sprinkled with purifying water symbolically and cut themselves with a razor removing all hair from their body. They were to wash their clothes thoroughly so that they would be ritually clean. Then they were to take a bull with its grain offering, fine flour mixed with oil, and they were to take a second bull for a sin offering. Then they, the Levites, were to be presented before the tent of meeting with the whole congregation of the sons of Israel assembled. The sons of Israel would then lay their lands on them before the LORD in a dedication for spiritual service, and Aaron was to present them as a wave offering before the LORD in order to qualify them to perform service in the House of God. Then the Levites were to lay their hands on the heads of the bulls submitting one as a sin offering and the other as a burnt offering to make atonement for their imperfections. Again Aaron would make a wave offering presenting them finally to the LORD. The Levites were God’s, sanctified as His gift to perform the service of the LORD. He could have taken the first born sons from Israel as they were purchased and sanctified by Him during the Passover in Egypt, but He made provision otherwise to make atonement on behalf of the people of Israel so that no plague would come among them by them coming near the sanctuary (Numbers 8:5-19). Thus, Moses and Aaron, along with the people, did all that the LORD commanded to the Levites for their consecration. After these things, the Levites went in to do the service of the LORD in the tent of meeting, “just as the LORD commanded Moses concerning the Levites, so they did to them (Numbers 8:20-22).”

-Now, the LORD spoke to Moses concerning the required ages of service in the work of the tent of meeting for the Levites. They were to start their work at the age of twenty-five, but at the age of fifty they were to retire and not work any more. They could assist to keep obligations, but they themselves were not allowed to do any of the work after that age (Numbers 8:23-26).

-*Application* The concepts of light, purity, consecration, and retirement are not new to us. Jesus said we should be lights in this world, just as He is Light (Matthew 5:14-16). While we do not do ritualistic things any more like they did in this national period, we, by faith and devotion, should separate ourselves for the work and plan that God has designed for us, His children. Being obedient to that proves for a better life that is fulfilled and clean before Him. Lastly, the principle of passing on our experience and vision to the next generation should be considered. No one will live forever in the flesh here on this earth. We need to ensure our legacy while we still have time and empower those who will follow us to continue in the service of the Kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Neglecting to do this, or trying to hold onto power too long, damages and tarnishes our effectiveness and is prideful. Relinquish your rights before God when it is time to pass the baton.


Verse to Memorize: Numbers 8:19

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