Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bible Study Notes in 1 Chronicles- Chapter 13

1 Chronicles 13


-This short 14 verse chapter is power packed with intrigue and insight into the workings of the LORD in regard to His commands and ordinances with regard to the Ark of His Covenant. David’s desire is to bring the Ark back into a rightful place of prominence in the nation since the people of God did not seek it during the days of King Saul (1 Chronicles 13:3). The parallel account of this occurrence in 2 Samuel 5:6 shows that David’s building projects had already been completed in Jerusalem before he brought the Ark back. Chronicles emphasizes the Ark first because of its spiritual implications under the direction of King David and his heart after God. David consults with all the leaders of Israel in his decision to transport the Ark from Kiriath-jearim (1 Samuel 7:1-2, 1 Chronicles 13:5-6) to Jerusalem, but he neglected to do things as God had commanded through Moses (Numbers 4:5-15) by the means of transportation. There was enthusiasm, but there was not obedience to His specific commands. They used a new cart that was unstable and proved to be careless with the death of Uzza as he tried to stabilize it from falling (1 Chronicles 13:7-10). David’s excitement turned to shear anger and fear before the LORD, and eventually total reverence for doing things God’s way. The next time they transported the Ark, it was done under the commanded ways of God through Moses (1 Chronicles 15:13-15). David’s fear kept him from taking the Ark to his home in the city of David, which allowed Obed-edom the Gittite to host it for three months and receive much blessing from the LORD (1 Chronicles 13:12-14). *Application* This chapter shows the double-edged sides of God’s love and justice through the blessing Obed-edom and the death of Uzza. Great blessings come to those who obey His commands diligently, but severe punishment can come to those who disregard and disobey His precepts. This corrective discipline may come swiftly, as we see in this narrative, or it may play out over time, but it will inevitably come. God knows all things. If we are not careful, just like David and the people of Israel, we can focus so much on the blessings and goodness of God that we forget the consequences of sin and that “it is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the Living God (Hebrews 10:31).” There can also be those times of focusing too much on the judgment of the LORD that we miss out on His intended blessings as happened to David. Don’t be consumed with a one-sided view of God. He is a God of perfect balance between love and justice. We need to realize that from these biblical lessons and trust in His ways.


Verse to Memorize: 1 Chronicles 13:3

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