Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bible Study Notes in 1 Chronicles- Chapter 22

1 Chronicles 22


-Jerusalem becomes the focal point of the worship of the LORD in Israel at this point and time in history. God’s design for this place on earth had been previously revealed (God’s provision and blessing in the binding of Isaac on this Mount Moriah, Genesis 22:1-18, 2 Chronicles 3:1), but now His house would be built as a place of prayer for all the nations (2 Chronicles 6:33, Isaiah 56:7, Mark 11:17). This has proven to be true in every sense of the phrase. This is the place where Jesus was crucified for the sins of the entire world and the place where He resurrected. It is the place where the Holy Spirit invaded humanity to indwell us believers as a fulfillment of the New Covenant (Acts 1:11-2:4). It is the place the Messiah will return to earth one day (Zechariah 14:4, Acts 1:11-12).

-David begins to make intense preparations (1 Chronicles 22:14) for the immense task of building this “exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious” place for the LORD’s Spirit to dwell as a witness to all lands (1 Chronicles 22:5). The reason God would not allow David to build the Temple himself is given in this chapter. David was a man who shed much blood upon the earth as a man of violence before the LORD. God instead needed a man of peace and rest (Solomon’s name means “peaceful”) to build His House. In quiet and reverence the work of the LORD’s Temple would be completed (1 Chronicles 22:6-9). David gives his son charge over the project and relinquishes control as a humble servant of the Living God who had given His orders. David speaks eternal blessing over the work and success of it with warnings about maintaining discretion, understanding, abiding, and observation of everything the LORD commands (1 Chronicles 22:10-13a). Strength and courage, like in the days of Joshua and other great men of God, are extolled by David upon his son, Solomon. No fear or emotion of dismay was to be a factor in his walk with this charge (1 Chronicles 22:13b). The purpose for the importance of this work is described at the end of the chapter. This House was to be a sanctuary (a holy place, an abode) of the Lord God that would house the ark of the covenant of the LORD and the holy vessels of God (1 Chronicles 22:19). *Application* There is no doubt that this place was, is, and will be a consecrated House of worship unto the Maker of the Universe. I have been to this place and it is the most spiritually powerful place I have ever experienced. There are no words to describe it. It is also marvelous in our experience to know that the Holy Spirit makes His Temple in our hearts now as believers in Christ Jesus. Think about it and bask in His presence today as a child of the King!


Verse to Memorize: 1 Chronicles 22:13

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