Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bible Study Notes in 1 Chronicles- Chapter 7

1 Chronicles 7


-This chapter continues the extensive list of genealogies from the tribes of Issachar, Benjamin, Naphtali, Joseph’s sons (Manasseh and Ephraim), and Asher. One of the notable descendants of Ephraim is Joshua, son of Non (or Nun, Exodus 33:11, Numbers 13:8). He was the leader of Israel as they came into the Promised Land after wandering through the wilderness (Joshua 1-3). He, along with Caleb of Judah (Numbers 13:6; 14:24), were the two faithful spies of the land and approved of God to be the only surviving original generation coming out of Egypt to enter God’s promise in the land. The primary theme of this chapter is “men of valor (1 Chronicles 7:2,5,7,9, 11, 40).” This is a reminder of the courage and will of the children of Israel to defend and advance the work of the LORD in their historical and spiritually rich nation. *Application* Are you a man (or woman) of valor? Valor is defined as courage. It is the one thing that the LORD repeatedly commanded Joshua and the children of Israel to do as they came into the fullness of the land that God had promised (Joshua 1:6-9). Courage means that we do not compromise with the world when we know what is true and good. Stand up for what is right! Be a person of valor!


Verse to Memorize: 1 Chronicles 7:27

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