Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bible Study Notes in 1 Chronicles- Chapter 17

1 Chronicles 17


-The covenant of God’s continuing favor upon the rule of David’s descendents is the primary focus of this chapter that starts out with a desire to see the LORD’s House established with a more permanent structure (1 Chronicles 17:1). David’s desire is a noble one, but God does not need an earthly structure to dwell in as He relates to the prophet Nathan (1 Chronicles 17:2-6). Nevertheless, He will allow for a place of worship and a place for His Spirit to dwell on earth, but it will be built by the one following David (1 Chronicles 17:11-14). The parallel cross reference to this event is in 2 Samuel 7. Here God gives His promise to the Davidic line, from which the Messiah will come as an everlasting Kingdom. He also promises in this chapter that Israel will have a permanent dwelling place, planted and secure, because of the righteousness of David and his relationship with God (1 Chronicles 17:7-9). So Nathan relates his prophetic vision received in the night word for word (1 Chronicles 17:3, 15).

-David’s response is recorded in the remaining verses of this chapter (1 Chronicles 17:16-27). He comes before the LORD is complete reverence and humility in recognition of His great words and works of blessing unto His servant. David realizes that God knows him intimately and acknowledges his dependence upon Him for all things. “There is none like You” the king proclaims in his confession to the LORD (1 Chronicles 17:20). David gives thanks as he recounts the redemption of the LORD for His people Israel from the land of Egypt. The king is grateful for the fact that the LORD thinks enough of his line and family to make it an everlasting establishment according to the Word of God (1 Chronicles 17:23). David rightly recognizes that this is ultimately for God’s glory, and not his own. God’s revelation is paramount to David’s courage to go on and pray before His righteous King and accept His magnificent promise of blessing forever (1 Chronicles 17:25-27). *Application* Here we see an example of what it takes to be a great man of God. Notice the traits and qualities of this king’s response to the Word of the LORD. He doesn’t fight what God wants to do with any spirit of pride and vain conceit. He allows God to be God and is thankful for the opportunity to serve the LORD. He knows his past and where the LORD had taken him from. He is grateful to get undeserved blessings and honor, even when it will come through his descendents. David is not selfish. He gives credit and glory to his Maker. Total respect is seen in his response. He is determined to sit before God and let Him dictate the course and plan. David is simply along for the blessed and joyful ride. He received the revelation because he gave up his own rights even as the leader of Israel. How should that affect the way we approach things in our own life? Practice these qualities before God and you will also be greatly blessed and highly favored.


Verse to Memorize: 1 Chronicles 17:23

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