Monday, February 20, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes

Psalm 4

-God is our relief in troubled times and around evil. *Application* We should call to Him to hear our prayer and be gracious towards us. He will attend the righteous.

-*Application* Don’t love what is worthless and aim at deception.

-The LORD has set apart (sanctified) the godly man for Himself. The LORD hears when we call upon Him. *Application* Cry out to Jesus!

-Tremble denotes fear and reverence before God in verse four. Do not sin. This is simply said, hard to practice.

-Offer the gift of righteous before God. *Application* It is not the sacrifices of anything else that God wants. Give Him your trust and your life (Romans 12:1,2).

-*Application* God is the One who puts gladness in our heart. He is the peace giver that gives us rest and safety. Rely on His Word. Shalom!

Psalm 5

-*Application* God is to be beseeched in times of heartache and distress. Groans are considered by the Almighty. He is merciful. He will heed. Pray to Him.

-David says he will pray in the morning and then eagerly watch for God to move on his behalf. *Application* We also should begin our day with this supplication before the LORD. Then ask Him where we will see Him at work through the day. Be specific with God. He is a God of details and knows every facet of your life.

-God does not take pleasure in wickedness (Ezekiel 33:11). No evil thought, motive, or intent dwell in the LORD. *Application* God is good all the time. He is holy and righteous, merciful, and gracious towards us as we turn to Him.

-“The boastful shall not stand before Your eyes (Psalm 5:5).” God is a hater of sin and inquity. He will eventually destroy those who are liars, violent, and deceitful, but He shows His lovingkindness to the ones who come to Him. They are the ones who will enter His house and give Him reverence. *Application* Bow before the LORD with your whole being and turn from all wicked ways. You will find rest for your soul in a loving God who forgives.

-God’s direction and guidance is considered. He is the One who can make a straight path and keep one righteous (Proverbs 3:5,6). *Application* Lean of God, not your own understanding.

-*Application* We cannot rely on ungodly people. They are destruction, an open grave, and flatter with their tongue. They will be held guilty by the Almighty and in their own devices they will fall and be thrust out. They are rebellious against God.

-*Application* On the other hand, the ones who take refuge in God will be glad and sing for joy. Their exultation is in the LORD for His blessing is from Him alone and He surrounds with favor like a shield.

Psalm 6

-A cry for mercy begins the chapter. *Application* We all need God’s mercy at times. How comforting to realize He is gracious when our sin has taken us far from Him. He heals even in our greatest times of need and dismay when we turn to Him.

-David asks the question, “how long (Psalm 6:3)?” *Application* David is always honest with God and so can we. There is nothing to hide from the One who knows it all anyway. It is because of his relationship with God that this true exchange can take place. David knows in faith that God is there and cares.

-David longs for the LORD’s return and rescue and salvation. *Application* How many times are we now found begging for the Lord Jesus Christ’s second coming and rescue from this present distress, which is in the world?

-David compares his faithful salvation to the hopeless of a unrighteous death in what he calls Sheol, where there is separation from God and no remembrance of Him. This is a horrible concept to consider if there is no Savior.

-Now there is more honesty with God as the Psalmist cries out with sighing, constant tears, and debilitating grief, which has become old because of his adversaries. David wants them to depart who do iniquity and his faith is displayed here as he sees the LORD will hear his prayer, supplication, and weeping. All his enemies will be dismayed and ashamed and will turn back. *Application* God is our rescue. We see David praying these imprecatory prayers often because of the unrighteousness he sees. God hates sin and so can we.

Verse to Memorize: Psalm 4:3

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