Sunday, February 26, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes Chapters 19-21


Psalm 19

-Theme: Both God’s creation (general revelation) and His Word (special revelation) reveal His greatness and truth.

-*Application* God’s power and glory are revealed to every person on the planet through nature, His handiwork. It pours forth speech and reveals knowledge even though it is in some ways silent. This is the debate and question: Can a person come to know God through natural or general revelation alone? Or, does one need His special revelation through the Word and His incarnation, Jesus Christ? David’s answer here leads us to believe that while general revelation can lead us to question who this God is, it is only through His special revelation that we can know Him personally and intimately. He must be sought out, but He is available for knowledge. His law is perfect (blameless). His testimony is sure giving us wisdom. His precepts are right. His commandment is pure enlightening the eyes. The fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever. His judgments are true and righteous altogether. He is to be prized more than anything else, gold included. When we submit to His ways our paths become blameless and we will be acquitted. Let the words of your mouth and the meditation of your heart be pleasing in His sight. He is your Rock and your Redeemer. In the New Testament, Paul claims that general revelation is enough to condemn mankind (Romans 1:18-25). Therefore, the necessity of evangelism and proclamation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and faith in Him according to the biblical standard is imperative for salvation of the soul.

Psalm 20

-Theme: A prayer for victory in battle acknowledging God’s power should be trusted above all else when faced with challenges of any kind.

-*Application* This prayer has the tone and structure of an intercessor as it uses the second person in the first five verses. It turns to the first person in verses 6-9 and realizes the strength that only God can give His people in the day of trouble. This gives us two things to think about here. First, we need to lift up others when we know they are facing difficulties in life and need our prayers. Take those you love and even your enemies to the LORD and ask His favor and blessing on them. Secondly, we must always realize that it is the LORD who is our hope and rescue. He answers us in the day we call. Boast in His Name alone, not in your own strength and resources.

Psalm 21

-Theme: Giving God the credit and thanks for our victories with an open and grateful heart.

-*Application* Even the one in charge, the king in this passage but it applies to us as well, needs to rejoice and consider the facts that it is the LORD who gives success. Sing unto Him, praise Him, and exalt His Name. It is matchless and glorious! We are nothing without His favor.

Verses to Memorize: Psalm 19:14; 20:7

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