Monday, February 27, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes Chapters 22-24


Psalm 22

-Theme: A prayer that recognizes suffering and rejection, but sees the greater joy on the other side coming out of despair. This is a prayer of hope that sees a better future with the rule of God over the entire earth. This chapter depicts the crucifixion brilliantly as prophetic literature.

-*Application* How often do we find ourselves feeling forsaken and rejected by God and man? David paints this picture of what it truly feels like when this happens in his own life and prophetically in the life of Messiah Jesus as He suffered the shame and humiliation of the crucifixion. Even though we have made the LORD our God there will be times when He tests us with a sense of absence. The Bible tells us that God did this with Hezekiah to know what was in his heart (2 Chronicles 32:31). These times help us know what is in our heart too. Will we become bitter with God when these occurrences take place, or will we draw even closer to Him in trust for a better conclusion? The latter is God’s hope and will. David’s synopsis is accurate when he learns that the afflicted will be satisfied as they seek and praise the LORD for eternal life. We must not get short-sighted with the temporary problems of this present age. One day the righteous will graduate to the Kingdom of God, which is celestial and eternal. So hang in there and keep trusting the LORD.

Psalm 23

-Theme: God is the caring Shepherd and dependable guide. It is essential to follow God and His commands for eternal life and ultimate security. He is our only true hope.

-*Application* Our Shepherd, the LORD, helps us not to want. He gives us contentment and peace in our soul with restoration through His Son and guidance through His Holy Spirit. This is done as a promise of the good Name of the LORD and He will rightfully get the glory. He is our protection in the day of evil and we need not fear because He is with us even in the midst of our enemies. We have been anointed (blessing, ordination) with His supernatural oil (symbol of His Spirit). Our cup overflows with His goodness spilling out onto other people’s lives. We can be assured that goodness and mercy (lovingkindness) will follow us all the days of our lives with the LORD as our Shepherd. And He will lead us to His house to dwell forever!

Psalm 24

-Theme: We should welcome and worship the glorious reign of the LORD because everything has been created by Him and belongs to Him. He is Almighty giving favor and life to the pure and righteous.

-*Application* Here again is the issue of seeking after God with pure motives both in our heart and with our actions (clean hands). This is the requirement to ascend into the hill of the LORD and stand in His holy place. Everything has come under subjection to the LORD and we must recognize His authority if we are to benefit in the great things He has designed for us in fellowship with Him and His glory. He is the King of Glory!

Verses to Memorize: Psalm 22:14; 23:1-6

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