Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Psalms Bible Study Notes Chapters 28-30


Psalm 28

-Theme: To call upon the LORD in the time of trouble or when hit by wickedness gives us confidence, security, and communion with our God. Relying on Him releases us from guiltiness and sin.

-*Application* Have you ever felt that deafening silence when God seems far away from you and your problems? David shows us that even he, the man after God’s own heart, at times had this same perspective. What did he do when this emotion came upon him? He cried out to Him and praised Him in faith for help. We see here that vengeance is the LORD’s and not our own. David rightly takes his concerns and supplications before the just One who knows the heart of man. We have to realize that our God is our saving defense and Shepherd. Never take matters into your own hands out of anger or spite. Let the LORD handle vindication.

Psalm 29

-Theme: God’s awesome power in nature is described, which should be praised and lauded. The LORD gives that strength to His people with blessed peace.

-*Application* Recognition of greatness is a wise move. It reminds me of the commercials that portray famous individuals going unnoticed in the daily routines of life. What a travesty for us to let God go unnoticed. He is the King of kings and LORD of lords. Ascribe Him the glory due His Name every chance you get.

Psalm 30

-Theme: A celebration of God’s deliverance and grace.

-*Application* Remember to extend your gratefulness to the LORD when He helps you out of despair and tough situations. Sing praise to Him who is the great healer who keeps you in His awesome care. After His corrective discipline comes His favor for a lifetime, and after times of weeping comes shouts of joy. Don’t let the circumstances of this life move you off of the right path. Stay focused on the big picture and the ultimate redemption that we have in Jesus Christ. Thank God for His blessings forever! This chapter to me has a close correlation with the ten lepers that Jesus healed in Luke 17:11-19. Only one came back with thankfulness and he was a despised Samaritan. We are reminded by this story that it is faith that makes us thankful and well. God desires our appreciation and He deserves it.

Verse to Memorize: Psalm 30:5

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