Friday, May 15, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Leviticus- Chapter 9

Leviticus 9


-Here we see the diligent preparation and obedient following of the LORD’s instruction resulting in the demonstration of the LORD’s glory among the people. Moses, Aaron, his sons, and the elders of Israel were called together to perform these ordained sacrifices before the LORD in solemn array. The sin offering, the burnt offering, the peace offering, the grain offering, and the wave offering were all included for the sole purpose that the “glory of the LORD may appear (Leviticus 9:6, 23).” When He saw that they had complied with every one of His commands, He appeared in fire as the human instruments (Moses and Aaron) came out from the tent of meeting to bless the people. His consuming glory resounded upon them, and they could do nothing more than shout and fall on their faces in worship, stunned and astounded.

-*Application* When God calls us, He will have specific instructions for us to carry out. Patience and diligence will be required. It’s a step by step process. Don’t get lazy in the instruction phase. Submission to every detail ensures the appearing of His glory in your life and ministry. Do you want people to be astounded and give all praise to your King when they see what He is doing through you? Take care of the daily routines and procedures that will cultivate faithfulness and dependency upon the Almighty. He will appear! Don’t side step the everyday duty to obey.


Verse to Memorize: Leviticus 9:23

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