Thursday, May 7, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Leviticus- Chapter 4

Leviticus 4


-Offerings for unintentional sins that are committed by the priests, assembly, leaders, or common people are dealt with in this section of the Law. First of all, notice that people were guilty of the sin before God whether they knew about it or not. Then notice that atonement was provided again through the shadow and types of things to come in Christ Jesus. These shadows and types were bulls, goats, and sheep. Priests, the assembly, and all leaders had to sacrifice male animals, but the common people were allowed to bring female animals before the LORD as desired. They had specific instructions, which were all the same before the altar in front of the veil in the tent of meeting and then completed outside the camp. The sacrifices again involved the laying on hands, the covering of blood, and they were offerings by fire before the Sovereign LORD as a “soothing aroma” for the forgiveness of sin.

-*Application* We need to confess unintentional and unknown sin in our lives consistently. We all have blind spots and have trouble seeing sometimes that the way we are living is appalling to God. We must seek the Scriptures and know the heart of God by His indwelling-convicting Holy Spirit if we are to awake to the things that displease Him. Ask the LORD to reveal your weak spots and hidden sins. He has the power to expose them and allow for your repentance. Once you’ve come clean before God in these matters, don’t repeat them. Walk circumspectly (Ephesians 5:14-18).


Verses to Memorize: Leviticus 4:2-3

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