Monday, April 6, 2015

Bible Study Notes in Psalms- Chapter 129

Psalm 129


-Theme: Trusting in the LORD to devour the devourer. Enduring persecution with the right perspective. The LORD is righteous and delivers. The love of Zion and the shame of those who hate God’s ways.

-Historical Insight: This “Psalm of Ascent” is another anonymous writing, but some have again suggested King Hezekiah as the author who endured well the onslaught of  the Assyrians.

-*Application* Growing up is often hard to do. We are pulled and tugged in so many directions. Evil is trying to steal, kill, and destroy the abundant life that God wants for us as we mature (John 10:10). Persecution is part of the process of spiritual development, and the one who learns to appreciate its tutelage will gain much. The Word here teaches us not to give up in stressful-turbulent circumstances that are brought about by the wicked. Instead, grow out of those experiences and develop the dependency on Christ and love for others that He expects (Luke 10:27, Ephesians 4:15). The wicked have shallow roots and will wither quickly. Spiritually speaking, your standing in Christ is a much more permanent and fruit-bearing plant that will stand the scorching rays of the sun. Finally, be an encourager rather than a discourager. Bless people in the Name of the LORD. It will bring about blessing in your own life, believe it.


Verse to Memorize: Psalm 129:2

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