Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Jeremiah- Chapter 46

Jeremiah 46


-Beginning here in chapter 46 and going through the end of the book, the LORD gives His prophetic word to Jeremiah concerning the nations and what will become of them. He starts with Egypt, who receives a hopeless word from the LORD as to their quest to fight against the armies of the north at the Euphrates River. Nebuchadnezzar is given the power to overthrow and destroy. Egypt will draw back as their mighty men are defeated and they will take refuge in flight with terror on every side of them. Their cities and and its inhabitants will be destroyed in the day of God’s vengeance as the sword will devour (Jeremiah 46:1-12).

-For Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon, he will strike down Egypt because of the authority God has given him to execute His divine plan. Israel will see that they had depended on the wrong deliverer in this day of destruction and exile. Memphis will become a desolation as the “horsefly” from the north comes and annihilates the “pretty heifer” of Egypt. The day of their punishment and calamity has come upon them. Their enemies are more numerous than locusts, and Egypt will be put to shame being given over to the power of the people from the north. God is going punish specifically Amon of Thebes, Pharaoah, Egypt along with her gods and her kings, and all those who trust in him (Pharaoh, Jeremiah 46:13-26).

-But, in the last couple of verses in the chapter God reveals that Jacob (Israel in general) should not fear or be dismayed. The LORD is going to save them from afar in the land of their captivity as to their descendants. Jacob it is prophesied will one day return and be undisturbed and totally secure with no one to make them tremble. Again, God tells them not to fear for He is with them and will one day make a full end to all the nations where He had driven them. He will never make a full end to them, but He will correct them properly and by no means leaving them unpunished. *Application* God will correctfully punish His chosen people (which includes all of us as believers in Him and His Son Jesus) in order to bring us back to Himself when we stray away. He disciplines us to purify us. While it is difficult to experience His chastising, it should be welcomed because of the righteous results of His jealous actions (Hebrews 12:4-13).


Verses to Memorize: Jeremiah 46:25, 28

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