Monday, June 2, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Jeremiah- Chapter 38

Jeremiah 38


-Jeremiah, because of the Word of the LORD given, finds himself at odds with raging men of influence in the city of Jerusalem who thought he was discouraging the men of war with his pessimistic prophecies and that giving up was the only way to survive (Jeremiah 38:1-4). They go to the king, Zedekiah, and want Jeremiah put to death for his prophecies. King Zedekiah tells them he can basically do nothing against them, which gives them opportunity to put him into a cistern of the king’s son, Malchijah, in the court of the guardhouse. Jeremiah is sinking in the mud of the cistern where there was fortunately no water, and it seemed he would die there. However, Ebed-melech the Ethiopian went to bat for the prophet of God and petitioned the king for a rescue effort, which was successfully made. He stayed from that time in the court of the guardhouse (Jeremiah 38:5-13). After these things, King Zedekiah came to Jeremiah wanting a word. Though hesitant (for good reason), the prophet told the king the truth about how to survive once again and the king hid the words and the prophet of God from further harm in the desperate situation that they faced with Babylonian siege and captivity inevitable (Jeremiah 38:14-28). *Application* People naturally do not like negative news. When God gives you a word that is negative in a situation, expect retaliation and hate just like Jeremiah experienced. But, also remember that God is with His people when He sends them on a mission with accurate and true prophetic words. He will rescue and use some random and sometimes even powerful sources for His deliverance, just like we see here in this passage. Do His will no matter how hard it may seem.

Verse to Memorize: Jeremiah 38:15

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