Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bible Study Notes in Jeremiah- Chapter 40

Jeremiah 40


-God came and spoke with Jeremiah after he had been released from Ramah when he had been taken with the exiles from Jerusalem and Judah. He receives at this time some encouraging words from Nebuzaradan, the captain of the bodyguard, because of prophecies, which had come against the people of Israel due to their sin against the LORD and not listening to the Voice of God (Jeremiah 40:1-3). Now Jeremiah was being freed from the chains, and the whole land was before if he wanted. Or, he could go to Babylon as he was invited to come with the promise that he would looked after. He was given the choice of what seemed right to him. So in the end, Jeremiah was given respect and endured in the Promised Land as a true and steadfast man of God who knew his King and was bold in his character and prophetic word. He choose to stay with his new freedom and was given a ration and a gift from the captain of the bodyguard (Jeremiah 40:4-5).

-Then Jeremiah went to Mizpah to Gedaliah, who became the leader under Nebuchadnezzar in the land of Israel. Gedaliah encouraged the people to stay in the land and serve the king of Babylon that it may go well with them. He told them to gather in wine, summer fruit, and oil for their storage vessels and live in the cities that had been taken over. All the Jews who were in Moab, Edom, and all the other countries returned from all the places they had been driven, and they gathered in wine and summer fruit in great abundance (Jeremiah 40:6-12).

-At this point, Gedaliah gets a warning from Johanan that the sons of Ammon lead by Baalis was sending a man named Ishmael to take his life, but Gedaliah did not believe them. Johanan wanted to protect the appointed leader of the land of Israel and go kill Ishmael, but Gedaliah thought it to be a lie and refrained him from doing violence (Jeremiah 40:13-16). *Application* Premonitions and intrigue are constant in biblical accounts and often in our lives. Listen to the warnings that people of God are giving you in matters. It could save your life. Gedaliah dies shortly after this unheeded warning (Jeremiah 41:1-2).


Verse to Memorize: Jeremiah 40:4

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